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넷뱅 Startup Diary

Pre-final 본문



넷뱅 2012.02.23 04:17

What a hectic week! Anyway, I'm back and I just want to briefly let you know what I’ve been up to, both in and out of my uni life.

I’ve been working with Wythenshawe community firm (;this is for my final year project), and before the end of this month me and my team members are going to organise cupcake sales at MBS atrium (of course, got a permission from school) for fundraising and I’ll be presenting our work progress (i.e. what we have done so far, etc) in 3 weeks time.


Today, I have shown my beautifully designed logo to Jane (I would say, head manager of the farm) and everything went well.  The website for the farm will be soon live next month and from now on, all we need to do are trivial things, such as editing video, finalising logo/banner/website background and uploading contents.  Although this is a non-paid work, I am greatly delighted to work on such interesting and valuable work.  I feel like I’m contributing to the community.   Indeed, we’ve made really strong progress on our work with the farm since last November, so it’ll be interesting to see what the client thinks at the end.  Either way, I can say ‘First class’ grade is highly achievable.  We’re doing good!


Also, school work related, I need to work on a number of other group assignments and group report, which as you might imagine, are scheduled to be submitted by mid of March/April.  I’m not worried about these at the moment (dunno why) but definitely, I need to meet my group members (haven’t met them yet and don’t even know their faces, oh deer..) within this week to discuss how we going to tackle our assignment and to allocate individual work to do. 


Moving on to more important matter, ‘the’ venture business, but obviously I can’t say too much at the moment, because every project is in the process under confidentiality, but I am greatly looking forward to getting some pleasing news within 2Q or 3Q12.  So, keep an eye on my blog for more information over the next few months..Cheers!

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