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넷뱅 Startup Diary

고민이 거의 끝나간다 본문


고민이 거의 끝나간다

넷뱅 2012.05.17 03:05

Thoughts become faith which, in turn, becomes mindset. My mindset governs my actions, which lead to my results. What I did yesterday, determine what I’m doing today, which defines who I am tomorrow.   If I have a mindset that limits my potential then I might just have to accept such limited results in my life. So, why would I be afraid of taking this to heart and being ready to address them when they arise. 

I concluded that It’s better to take challenges head-on when I’m about to race for my life.  Whichever option I end up choosing, I believe I would be able to find that myself completely invested in my job I love.  I just have to make sure I keep my passion intact.

So welcome to the next two years of my life. I decided to step up to the plate with fresh moves. I figured I needed some further development. 

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