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넷뱅 Startup Diary

'Reformed Business School' by Paul Heaton 본문


'Reformed Business School' by Paul Heaton

넷뱅 2011.03.07 21:34

Reform has designed their first project with Manchester Business School, a brochure for the centre of infrastructure development at the school. The purpose of the brochure is to build awareness of the centre, the first of its kind within any business school. It is set to provide global thought leadership in a sector central to the continuing growth of each and every community and state.

The brochures format is an A5 booklet printed on uncoated stock, which included pull out copy flags and strong blocks of colour for punch. The piece was designed to follow the new MSC’s corporate guidelines and include an essence of ‘Original Thinking Applied’

Manchester Business School’s new centre is aimed at addressing major issues, spearheading leading-edge research and interpreting key policy.

Large infrastructure systems form the backbone of modern society. The demand for these systems continues to escalate. This has created a massive gap between existing assets and demand to the extent that the spending required to update infrastructure in developed countries and to develop infrastructure in emerging economies has been recently estimated at a staggering $53 trillion between 2007 and 2030.

In the UK alone, over £150 billion has been invested in infrastructure in the last five years, with demand for further investment expected to rise by around
£45 billion per annum until 2020. And in the US, restoring the infrastructure to good condition is projected to cost $1.6 trillion over the next five years.

Reform has some exciting new work planned for 2011. We have a 204 page book to create for Shisha on top of producing design work for Asian Triennial Manchester 2011 Arts Festival. We have been producing a lot of great work for Bangdrum workshops, lovingly building a website for Dragonfly, an interior contract company and in the process of designing CANs report and accounts, which all will be available to see very soon!

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